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YS-320FII/420FII Automatic Slitting Machine

YS-320FII/420FII Automatic Slitting Machine Servo Transmission, Man-Machine Interface Control
  • YS-320FII/420FII
  • Wenzhou Yongshi Machinery
Functional characteristics
YS-320FII/420FII is automatic slitting machine, which is a matched machine with die cutting machine, it is suitable to slit narrow paper, it can automatic meter, set length, automatic stop, automatic web-guiding, automatic inflation, magnetic tension, turret rewind etc functions. Whole machine is with compact structure、running fast、high efficiency、high accuracy、easy-operation、running stably etc features. 
Technical parameters: 
型号 model YS-320FII YS-420FII
分切速度 Slitting speed 120m/min 120m/min
卷筒材料最大宽度 Max. Width 320mm 420mm
最大放卷直径 Max. Unwinding diameter 500mm 500mm
最大收卷直径 Max. rewinding diameter 500mm 500mm
最小分切宽度 Min. Slitting width 16mm 16mm
最大分切宽度 Max. Slitting width 310mm 410mm
定位精度 Accuracy rate ±0.10mm ±0.10mm
电压 Voltage 220v 220v
主机功率 Main motor power 2kw 2kw
重量 weight 400kg 500kg
外形尺寸 Dimension 1200*800*1280mm 1300*900*1280mm


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